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  • What kind of sun protection does Snap Brim offer?

    Snap Brim has been independently tested by ARPANSA to ensure it offers +50 UPF.

  • What other benefits does Snap Brim offer?

    As well as protection from harmful rays that can lead to skin cancer, Snap Brims also protect workers against weather such as wind and rain. They are an affordable way to boost team morale as it protects workers and makes their experience on site more comfortable.

  • Is Snap Brim only needed in hot countries like Australia?

    No. Snap Brim is a great option for use in all kinds of weather. Workers in countries like the United Kingdom and Canada still face a risk of skin cancer if they work outside, as the sun’s rays can penetrate even on cloudy days. It also offers protection from wind and rain.

  • Is Snap Brim washable?

    Yes. Snap Brim has been designed for use in a standard wash.

  • Is the flap replaceable?

    Yes. The flap is removable and can be replaced if damaged.

  • Is there an Australian Standard for these types of sun protection accessories?

    There is currently no Australian standard but Snap Brim has been tested and certified by ARPANSA.

  • What material is Snap Brim made of?

    The rim of Snap Brim is made from PVC UV Stable and the flap is made from polycotton.

  • Is it possible to customise Snap Brim?

    Yes. For an extra charge, Snap Brim is available with printed designs on the flap.

  • How long does Snap Brim last?

    This depends on the types of conditions it is used in but you can expect Snap Brim to last six to twelve months.