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Safety helmet sun protection

When the Snap Brim was invented in 2005, the inventor had been in the safety industry for over thirty years, the last seventeen of which were spent specialising in Workplace Health and Safety equipment.

The inventor saw a need for a rigid sun protection product which, unlike other products on the market, would provide consistent UV protection. It had to be easily attached, affordable and provide good protection against sun cancer and its many forms. Interestingly though, we have had customers who use them for dust protection or keeping out snow or rain!

Since the Snap Brim hit the market, sales have grown consistently as employers and employees have become increasingly aware of the growth in deaths from sun cancer.

This patented product is widely used in various countries worldwide by the construction Industry, power utility companies, mining and indeed anywhere the safety helmet/safety cap user is exposed to the elements.

The Snap Brim has won accolades around the world for being a simple no nonsense product that could assist in saving a person’s life. There are currently five models available, with the Standard Snap Brim fitting approximately 70% of all safety helmets/safety caps currently on the market.

Safety Information

Snap Brim has several in-built safety features to offer further protection in the workplace. The fitting of the brim to the helmet is designed to break away in the case of a strike or knock. This is different to many other brims, which are fitted securely so they will not break off in this type of situation and so could cause damage to the wearer if they have a chin strap fitted.

The flap on the back of Snap Brim is not secured as with other brims but is attached using hook and loop strips that will allow the flap to be removed quickly and easily if it was caught in machinery or attached to scaffolding or building materials.

All these reasons make Snap Brim the ideal choice for protecting workers on site.